Tree of Life, 2013

Tree of Life. Fabricated aluminum, stainless steel, and LED Lights, 26’ x 23’ x 6". Designed and fabricated in collaboration with Gretchen Cherrill, Airpark Signs and Graphics, 2013.

Blending science and nature, this seminal sculpture symbolizes growth, promise and potentiality. A tree of life in the shape of the DNA double helix is budding and flowering. Thousands of silvery stainless steel discs pivot and tip as the breeze blows across the surface. Even when there is no wind, the colors of the surrounding landscape are caught in muted reflections on the discs’ surfaces, creating an ever-changing pointillist painting of the sky, clouds and landscape. The sense of kinetic energy and the activity of the wind are intentionally blended in this artwork. The shape of the back plate is a blend of science (DND) and nature (Plant forms) and represents the dynamism of the combination.

Materials: Aluminum base plate with kinetic stainless steel and brushed aluminum discs. Direct application to rear wall.

Lighting: LED lights with diffusion filters bathe the recess with programmed color. An variety of lighting combinations produce a barely perceptible programmed progression of changing colors.