Four Letter Words

Four Letter Words, A Public Art (and Commerce) Project designed by Nelson Public Art.

Salvaged steel letters and LED lights combine to form a series of word based sculptures.

26 four letter words create a guided narrative that starts with the letter A. An alphabet of 26 large and small artworks take the veiwer on an interactive art experience that encourages people to participate. By engaging in a hunt for each word, art lovers uncover the rich history of the street and are actively encouraged to participate in the retail commerce of the area.

The QR (Quick Response) code at each artwork will connect the viewer to the deeper history of the neighborhood, and tie into current happenings and local events.  These coded histories will be shared by the stakeholders, through photographs and texts, one experience, celebration, and event at a time contributing to the community’s creative, cultural, and economic vitality.

Viewers will be invited to opening exhibitions or to pick up a gift certificate at a neighborhood shop or service.  Signage and information on the project will be displayed at the entrance and exits of the street.