Folk Art Puppets, 2009/12

Folk Art Puppets, Acrylic on wood, sizes vary. Installation at Tucson Museum of Art, Tempe Center for the Arts, Gebert Gallery (Venice, CA) and FP Contemporary, Culver City, CA. 2009-14.

"The fool, mouth agape, pops up repeatedly, a big headed creature on articulated legs in “Bellhop to Bishop”, he is a childish figure perched on a spindly stool. Both comic and menacing, smart and dumb, they remind us of circuses while suggesting a metaphor for the tension and anxiety of our troubled times. They may be childlike but they are not innocent. They have a psychic undertow that results from the use of words and symbols. I see myself in them, and wince with recognition. Though bluntly carved and rendered, these figures are textured with ghostly pentimenti and the hint of submerged words bleeding through the thick painted ground." Merry Murphy, Art Journal, 2009.