Sonoran Jack, 2018

Sonoran Jack. Forged steel plate, 25’ x 10’ x 11’, Scottsdale, AZ, 2018.

One of our most extraordinary animals in the Sonoran Desert, the Jackrabbit is designed for the desert heat. Jackrabbits have the biggest ears in proportion to their body size in the world. Those long ears give the many blood vessels room to cool the blood. Early Arizona settlers called them "jackass rabbits" because of their ungainly ears. The writer Mark Twain brought this name to fame by using it in his book of western adventure, "Roughing It"

In the visual arts, rabbits are iconic; they are archetypal symbols associated with reproduction and rebirth. A multi-layered symbol, Sonoran Jack is designed to signify both the historic and avant-garde legacy of the Marshall Way Arts District.

I see it as a beacon and a landmark that defines the Contemporary Art heritage of Marshall Way. It represents the desert fauna of the Scottsdale area and it stands for the quixotic animal spirit in all of us.