Harry Above the Crowd, 1998

Harry Above the Crowd. Fabricated steel, ceramic tile, and concrete, 35’ x 14’ x14’. Sited at Tempe City Hall. Tempe, AZ. Fabricated in collaboration with Phoenix artist Michael Levine, Lavine Machine, 1998.

“Harry Above the Crowd” celebrates the historical tenure of former Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell. The base of the sculpture incorporates printed tile that create a time line highlighting the years of Mitchell’s tenure. The story begins in 1970 and gently spirals upward to 1994, representing that labyrinth of 24 years of public service. By transferring fragments of history (news articles, budgets, blue prints, etc.) onto tiles and placing them chronologically, we created a winding path that reflects the accomplishments of Mr. Mitchell's time in office. By creating a historical record of the era we’ve also produced a time-capsule of sorts. Just as the height of this sculpture creates an impact on a monumental scale, the text and the tile work create interest on an intimate human scale.